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Depending on our superiority of raw materials (MAP,MKP,UP,KNO3), our company  entered into the  compound fertilizer  market  in  August 2001, and  has developed 
an annual capacity of 20000/MT.So far we can produce different types of products     with different formulas according to the requests of our customers. Meanwhile, we  
can also supply a variety of raw materials and plant growth regulators for producing  
fertilizers. Providing  the  best  and convenient solution for   our  customers  is our    permanent goal.

·EDTA Fe-13
·EDTA Mg-6
·Humic Acid Calcium
·Humic Acid Phosphorus (PHA)
·Humic Acid Potassium (KHA)
·Humic Acid Ammonium (NHA)
·Humic Acid
·Urea Formaldehyde (A),(B),(C),(D) ,(E)
·Gibberellic Acid (GA3)
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