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Our subsidiary factory , Shijiazhuang Haosheng Chemical Co., Ltd(http://www.haosheng-chem.com/), founded in 1985, focus on  acetates  and  Zinc oxide , etc ,  has  the annual capacity  of 3,000 tons of crystal Sodium acetate,  1,500  tons of  Industrial   anhydrous      Sodium acetate, 1,000 tons of edible and Pharmaceutical   Sodium acetate,  1,500      tons of potassium acetate,2,000 tons  of  Zinc acetate and 1,500 tons  of  Direct method     Zinc oxide , 3,000 tons of Indirect method Zinc oxide, 200 tons of zinc chrome  yellow as    well as 3,000 tons of oxalic acid.

·Sodium Acetate
· Potassium Acetate , pharm grade   
·Zinc Acetate
· Ammonium acetate,pharm grade   
·Calcium Acetateanhydrous
·Direct method Zinc oxide
·Indirect method Zinc oxide
·Low degree zinc oxide
·zinc phosphate
·Zinc chrome yellow
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