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Mepiquat Chloride


Molecular Formula: C7H16ClN

Molecular Weight: 149.66

CAS NO.: 24307-26-4

Property: White to light-yellow crystalline powder.





Active lngredient

99% min


0.5% max

Acidity (As H2SO4)

0.5% max

Insoluble in acetone

0.5% max

Use: Adjust the growth of the plants, strengthen the plants and resist the collapse, enhance the color and improve the productivity. Applicable to the plants such as cotton, it is also a kind of botanic growth adjustment element, which antagonizes gibberellin. With the application of DPC, cotton planting can achieve the effects of enhancing the growth of root system, greening the leaves, becoming thicker and preventing the void growth, resisting the collapse, improving the fruit bearing rate, increasing the quantity of flowers before frost and improving the grade of cottons. Meanwhile, it can compact the plant shape, greatly reduce the superfluous buds and save the pruning work.

Packing: 25kgs net fiber drum.

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