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Photographic Gelatin
CAS No. 9000-70-8
Other Names photo gelatin
MF C102H151O39N31
EINECS No. 232-554-6
Place of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland)
Grade Standard photo grade
Application Film, photographic paper, ink-injection photographic paper

Production Description

Gelatin is the best medium known for making photographic emulsions.

Gelatin for photographic use is primarily Type B alkaline processed gelatin, especially for emulsion preparation. Type A gelatin has limited application for top coating and subbing. Although cattle hides have been used, Type B photographic gelatin is generally made from ossein derived from bone.


Specifications for type B bone photographic gelatin



Moisture, %

10.5 – 13.0


5.65 – 5.85

Viscosity 6.67% 60 °C, mps

74.0 – 95.0

Gel strength 6.67% 60 °C, grams

250 – 310

Absorbance, 420nm

0.0 – 0.158

Absorbance, 650nm

0.0 – 0.032

Viscosity loss 37 °C 24hours, %

< 5%

Use: Film, photographic paper, ink-injection photographic paper.

Package: 25kgs net kraft paper bag on pallet shrink-wrapped.



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