Position name Working place Number of recruiters Deadline
Documentary Shanghai Pudong New Area 3 2017-06-30

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the approval of the company's import and export goods, the production of documents, the customs clearance procedures, the tax reduction and exemption, and the write-off after customs clearance.Procedures.
2. Approval of import and export goods approval and customs clearance procedures;
3. Review and approval of the documents submitted for approval;
4. To handle the relevant approvals of the Foreign Economic and Trade Commission and the Customs, and the relevant work of the Customs annual review;
5, handling customs declaration, inspection, taxation, price review, release and inspection and quarantine bureau inspection, inspection, certificate of origin and other procedures;
6. After the customs clearance, the formalities for the verification of customs manuals and the procedures for verification of foreign exchange management for import and export of foreign exchange receipts and payments;
7. Handling the tax refund procedures of the tax authorities and other relevant procedures after passing the tax;
8. Coordinate the business operations between customs and business, and the operation of the company's internal departments and operations with shipping;
9. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior;

Job requirements

1. Familiar with relevant customs declaration procedures, familiar with the corresponding national laws and regulations, and holders of customs declaration certificates are preferred;
2, has a certain ability to communicate and deal with problems, has a certain English ability;
3. International business documents are preferred, familiar with customs business processes, and understand national import and export policies;