Our Animal Glue factory is located in Bengbu China with an annual capacity of 3000MT Bone Glue, 2000MT Hide Glue and 3000MT Bone Ash. The factory is a joint venture invested by Shanghai Huaxuan Chemical Co., Ltd. and Bengbu Shenniu Bio-Product Co., Ltd since 2002.

  The buildings are structured by concrete walls and steel keels which has very good thermal keeping performance, good air flow and excellent daylighting. The total working area reaches over 6, which ensures us sufficient working space to producing and storage. The load and unload shed make us running capably under all weather.Two 5MT blenders made of stainless steel, fed by an elevator. Particle size available from 20-325mesh (A.S.T.M.). Materials pass through a high-intensity magnetic grid before go into the blender to filter off iron scrap.We can customize packing as per client’s need. Generally we ship 25kg、900kg and 1000kg net bags to our clients around the world.