Sodium hypophosphite

Sodium hypophosphite

Molecular formula: NaH2PO2-H2O
Molecular weight: 105.99
CAS NO.: 7681-53-0
Properties: White crystalline
hydroscopic and deliquescent easily soluble in water and alcohol.



Use: Mainly used as the reductant for chemical plating. A dense and uniform nickel phosphorus film can be obtained for both large equipment and tiny components. Articles with complicated external shape of convex concave lines or internal wall of deep-hollows, The surface of non-metals such as plastic, ceramics, glass etc. The film possess a good surface hardness and abrasion resistance. Widely used in electronics, aviation, mechanism, and petroleum fields. Also used as interface activator. M.W. moderater thermostablizer for synthetic resins and additive for foods.

Packing: 25KG net Multi-wall paper bag.

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