Monosodium phosphate

Monosodium phosphate

Chemical Formula: NaH2PO4XH2O(X=0.1.2)
Molecular Weight: 156.02 (NaH2PO4

CAS NO.: 7558-80-7

Property: NaH2PO4 is whtie powder, melting point is 190. nah2po4h2o is white powder or crystals, density is 1.915, melting point is 57.4, all soluble in water easily, but not in orgaranic solvent.



Use: used in biological preservation, taxtile printing and dyeing. used as cleaning agent in eleotroplating. for food grade it is mainly used as nourishment, brffer, emulsifier, nutrition, and so on.

Packing: plastic knit bag, net weight 25kg. in dry and airiness place.

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